Sumpter Priddy III, Inc. prides itself for the rigorous scholarship that accompanies each of its pieces. Our staff provides in depth research regarding the provenance, attribution, and condition for nearly every object in our inventory. 



Sumpter Priddy III, Inc. has been actively engaged in the research and appraisal of American furniture and material culture for nearly three deades.  Since going into business in 1984, Sumpter Priddy III, Inc. frequently appraises and consults for museums and private collectors, especially in the realm of early Southern material culture.  All of our appraisals are confidential and certified compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) format and the Code of Ethics required by all professional appraisal societies. Our appraisal services include insurance valuations, IRS Charitable Donations, and estate services.







In circumstances where our clients are considering a purchase outside the gallery, our director and staff can expertly guide and advise them. Our services in this situation can include, for a fee,  an inspection of the piece and a recommendation to the client regarding its condition, market value, and possible re-sale potential.



Sumpter Priddy III, Inc. can recommend and oversee the proper care of furniture, paintings, and decorative art objects. Sumpter Priddy III, Inc.’s strong commitment to the appropriate treatment of pieces stems from our longstanding relationships with professional conservators throughout the East Coast. Our knowledge can ensure that a client’s object connects with the correct expert and receives the appropriate conservation as needed. This service can also include museum quality framing, which protects and preserves our clients art.